Mobile Pet Specialists

At Tower Road Animal Hospital, we understand that their health and happiness are of paramount importance to you, which is why we’ve embarked on a journey to redefine pet healthcare in Aurora, CO.

a white cat lying on a blue towel

Elevating Care Beyond Boundaries

Our commitment to your pet’s wellness goes above and beyond, introducing an innovative approach that ensures the finest care for your furry friend. Tower Road Animal Hospital is proud to offer unparalleled access to mobile specialists, specifically trained in orthopedic surgery and ultrasound. No more compromise on quality, convenience, or expertise—your pet deserves the best.

Our dedicated team understands the unspoken bond you share with your companion, and we’re here to nurture their health with compassion and advanced medical care. Trust us to be the bridge between your pet and a happy, healthy life.

Benefits That Echo Unwavering Devotion

Tailored Expertise

Because of our association with reputable mobile specialists, your pet will receive individualized treatment based on a thorough knowledge of their requirements. Their well-being is in the hands of skilled professionals who prioritize their comfort and health, whether orthopedic surgery or ultrasound.

Minimal Stress, Maximum Comfort

We understand that taking your cherished pet to the vet can occasionally be stressful for them. Our mobile veterinarians enable your pet to receive treatment in the comfortable setting of our clinic, lowering stress and anxiety while fostering a sense of security.

Efficiency Redefined

Using our mobile experts network, you’re embracing a new era of productivity. No more protracted searches for reliable experts or large distances. Everything your pet needs is available under one roof, simplifying the process of providing them with healthcare.

Collaborative Care

Our experienced staff and these specialists work together seamlessly thanks to our connection with mobile specialists. The combined effort to restore your pet’s health and vigor is more than a service.