About Tower Road
Animal Hospital

Tower Road Animal Hospital in Aurora, CO, is a comprehensive veterinary medical center providing full-service care for pets, ensuring their health and well-being with expertise and compassion.

Our Mission

We are committed to fostering a warm, compassionate atmosphere and cultivating trust between our clients and staff. Through our friendly and caring environment, we aim to create a place where your needs are met with understanding and expertise, ensuring the best possible experience.

cat sitting cool on the floor

About Tower Road Animal Hospital

Tower Road Animal Hospital takes pride in being a cornerstone of pet care in Aurora, CO. Under the guidance of Dr. Desiree English, a seasoned and licensed veterinarian, our clinic provides comprehensive services. We prioritize client education on year-round pet health, emphasizing proper nutrition and exercise. Remaining at the forefront of veterinary technology, we ensure that each check-up, procedure, and surgery is delivered with expertise and love, recognizing the essential need for compassionate care in every interaction with animals and pets.

Our goal is to create a nurturing environment where the well-being of your beloved companions is upheld through knowledge, dedication, and genuine concern.

Our Philosophy

The animals chosen to spend their lives with us deserve the same level of compassionate, thoughtful,
and thorough medical care we would want for any family member.

We strive to decrease the stress and anxiety associated with “visiting the vet’s office.” We treat every pet with compassion.

We take the time to examine your pet, EVERY TIME, thoroughly, and we LISTEN to your questions and concerns.
We understand your bond with your pet – and we never offer a test, procedure, or service that we would not recommend for our pets.